Biodola Beach

Beach of La Biodola

The Biodola beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island of Elba: it is divided from the Scaglieri beach by some rocks, which can be crossed via a natural rock sidewalk. It is located in the Municipality of Portoferraio, in the homonymous gulf of Biodola.

After leaving the car, go down a small staircase leading to the beach: it's time to take off your flip flops and walk on the soft sand, admiring the surrounding landscape, feeling the salt in the air and the sun shining on us.

Once you have chosen whether to stay in the free part of the beach or in an establishment, it is time to take a refreshing bath: the seabed is low for many meters, allowing children to play in the water and swim quietly and for those who want to take long walks on the water's edge, immersed in the blue of the sea.

On the Biodola beach, thanks to the rental and diving facilities, it is possible to practice activities such as kayaking, sup, a pedal boat ride with the family and other fun water games (such as small inflatables pulled by jet skis).

For those looking for a little relaxation, a place to have lunch or an aperitif, watching the spectacle of the Biodola beach, there are several bars and restaurants, which with their level service, will be able to satisfy every need, from ice cream or spritz aperitif up to a fish dish typical of local cuisine.

Finally, not to be missed is the "path of health": a path of about an hour that from Biodola allows you to reach the beach of Procchio. It is an enchanting panoramic experience, suitable for everyone, being almost totally in the shade of the trees and with the possibility of stopping at any point.

The path starts from the left side of the bay, looking at the sea: take the path from the rocks, passing a small gate and inlet after inlet, passing by an enchanting and very short tunnel in the rock (illuminated and open on several sides), continue on the path in the Mediterranean scrub and you reach the beach of Procchio.

How to reach the Biodola beach:
Getting there is simple: starting from Portoferraio take the provincial road to Procchio and halfway between the two villages we find the junction, with the detour to the Biodola beach (about 4.5 km from Tenuta Santa Caterina) well marked.
At the crossroads, you begin to descend towards the sea, the view is something incredible: the green of the surrounding forest and the horizon line which, together with the crystal clear sea, encloses the splendid bay of Biodola, made of very fine golden sand
You can leave your car in the paid parking lots located near the beach or in the spaces allowed along the road.
n August, being a very crowded beach, it is preferable to get there by motorbike or scooter, or take the bus that leaves from the ATL station on the port of Portoferraio (at the beginning of Viale Elba).

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