Breakfast on Elba Island

We only use quality products, preferably at Km 0 "farm to table"

At the B&B Tenuta Santa Caterina, breakfast is a magical moment: in fact, there is no better awakening to fully enjoy the sounds and scents that the open countryside reserves for its guests

Get ready to be pampered by the quiet and the chirping of birds, while savoring a tasty breakfast with traditional Elba delicacies and high-quality zero-kilometer products.

Every morning, in the breakfast room or under the shade of the pergola of the lemon house, you can choose which freshly baked products to start your day with: our homemade cakes and pies, oatmeal biscuits, typical sweets, fresh bread, an excellent and wide selection of fruit and citrus fruit jams and marmalades of our production, local honey, yogurt, cereals, fresh seasonal fruit at km 0.

To satisfy those who love a continental breakfast, we also offer a wide selection of Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses, bruschetta with cherry tomatoes and the estate's extra virgin olive oil, locally produced bread and schiacciatine.

Fresh soy milk, fresh whole milk, rice milk, a wide selection of canned and freshly squeezed juices, tea, herbal teas, coffee on request are all drinks that you will find for your breakfast.

Always available an assortment for celiacs and on request for vegans.

Breakfast is served from 8.00 to 10.00 and between a coffee and a slice of cake, we can suggest how to organize your day: which artistic and natural beauties to visit in this magnificent corner of the Island of Elba, which beach to attend according to wind that blows at that moment or in which restaurants and clubs on the island to spend the evening.

Our Concierge service is available in Italian, English, French and Spanish.