Farmhouse on Elba

The Agritourisme and its products

The Agritoursime Tenuta Santa Caterina, located just 4 km from Portoferraio, is located in a natural setting typical of the Island of Elba's countryside, between rolling hills planted with vineyards and olive groves.

The farm has an area of about 3.5 hectares and all its production is based on the cultivation of native plants.
A few meters from the farmhouse there is a garden with the typical vegetables of the Elban countryside and with the aromatic and medicinal plants of the Mediterranean area.

The 2.5 hectares of DOC vineyards are planted with Ansonica, Procanico and Sangiovese, all the vines are native to the island.
From the olive harvest of the more than 150 centuries-old olive trees of the estate, we produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil, with an intense green color, a delicate flavor with a fruity aroma and very low acidity, just 0.2%, much appreciated by all guests who had the opportunity to taste it.

Within the estate there are also numerous strictly native fruit trees, such as "nun's legs" plums, red plums, figs, apricots and peaches. From their fruits and our citrus fruits, we produce excellent jams and marmalades, which our guests can taste and appreciate at breakfast.

In the periods of harvest, pruning and olive harvesting, we offer those who wish it the opportunity to immerse themselves completely and actively in rural life.
On request, it is possible to take part in the grape harvest in September and in the olive harvest in October. Observing or participating in agricultural tasks is a simple, but interesting way to get closer to nature and ancient peasant life, have fun and socialize.

All the products of our farm can be purchased at the estate
Next to the main body of the farmhouse there is a sales point, once the old bakery of the farm, where the products of the farm are displayed and sold.

Here you can taste our wine and our oil, order and buy all our products:

  • Extra Virgin Oil "Tenuta Santa Caterina"
  • 100% San Giovese - the red wine
  • Elba Procanico - the white wine
  • Vegetables from the garden
  • Our jams (lemon, orange and bitter orange)

The products of the earth