Island of Elba

Island of Elba

The Island of Elba is the third largest Italian island by surface (224 km) and thanks to its extraordinary natural beauty it is one of the most requested and appreciated destinations in the Mediterranean.

The island is considered a truly unique place, above all thanks to the great variety of its landscape, although its dimensions are not comparable to the two major islands of Sardinia and Sicily. In fact, along its 150 km of coastline, you can observe every type of coastline, from the steep cliffs of Sant'Andrea, to the sandy shores on the south side, to the white stones of Sansone and Capo Bianco, to the sandy beaches of black mineral in the area of Rio Marina and Capoliveri.

However, all sides have one element in common: the crystal clear water that invites you to practice all kinds of water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, swimming, diving.

The Island of Elba, however, is not just the sea. In fact, the countryside and mountains of the hinterland allow tourists to indulge in the most varied activities: Monte Capanne with its 1019 meters above sea level offers the ideal setting for walks, trekking excursions and mountain bike tours immersed in nature; very well known are also the traditional island festivals that allow you to taste the many delicacies of Elban gastronomy.

Likewise, the restaurants, the numerous agricultural holdings and the agritourisms allow you to discover the original products of the island, including the renowned Aleatico, Procanico and Ansonica wines, traditional fish specialties such as "Cacciucco all'Elbana" or codfish "alla Riese", and the famous island dessert, Schiaccia Briaca.

Finally, of great interest are the visits to works of historical and artistic value including the Volterraio Castle, the Medici Fortresses and the two Napoleonic Villas, just a few minutes drive from the Tenuta Santa Caterina.

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